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Prior to joining 1TM, I have worked as a designer on many product development teams in a variety of industries, including finance, fashion, cryptocurrency, video platforms, and education. Most of the products I worked on were from the conceptual stage, from initial product strategy and planning to user research, interaction design, visual design and prototyping, all the way to brand communication, user growth and performance management after the product was launched.


Through these past experiences, I have come to realize that a product from conception to completion depends on the joint efforts and cooperation of each and every team member from different expertise. The role and responsibility of the designer is not only to present the front-end of the product, but also to act as a bridge of communication in the team, i.e. a coordinator. If you are interested in any of these projects, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss and brainstorm further!'s business goal is to create unique experiences and solutions in the digital fashion field. Using proprietary technology, 3D resources and blockchain technology, we bring fashion into the digital world and partner with Metaverse to offer a variety of virtual fitting rooms and augmented reality solutions. Our goal is to enable consumers to experience and interact with fashion in new ways, while helping designers and brands create innovative digital fashion experiences.

The virtual fitting room is at the heart of everything and is my primary responsibility in this project. 

We attempted to virtualize real clothes using exclusive scanning technology, using algorithms to simulate high simulated textures and get accurate sizing, ultimately allowing users to try items online, get accurate sizing recommendations and be able to pair them freely with any other garment to increase conversion rates, increase engagement and significantly reduce product returns.


The main challenges in planning such a digital fashion experience were how to present complex visual information in a limited window (as the product was an extension of a partner brand's website) and how to create an intuitive user experience that would help users experience and interact with fashion in a new way.

Role - UX, UI
Year - 2018-2020

Schematic - concept page
  • An online virtual fitting room tailored for you

BTSE intends to create a multi-currency enabled and secure cryptocurrency exchange that provides convenient, secure and efficient trading and financial services to end-users and institutions. By offering a wide range of products and solutions, including spot trading, futures trading, OTC services, corporate solutions and interest income products, BTSE will meet the diverse needs of its users. At the same time, by providing multiple settlement channels, we provide our clients with a one-stop solution for managing their funds.

This is my first attempt to build a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch and in the process needed to overcome challenges such as complex user processes, good information architecture and navigation, the need to consider security and ensure that the user experience is not affected by overly complex security measures, multi-platform support, building in user trust and transparency of the platform, as well as considering multilingual support, different currencies and legal compliance.


Role - UX, UI
Year - 2018-2020

Schematic - BTSE trading page
  • The trading interface of BTSE cryptocurrency exchange

School of Fish is the world's first complete computational thinking game curriculum that teaches children ages 5-6 the basics of coding through four modules: pattern recognition, decomposition, algorithmic thinking, and abstraction, integrated into many fun games. Children are trained in progressive games that shape their understanding of the coding world step by step, and the School of Fish curriculum is accompanied by a dashboard application that allows parents and teachers to track their children's progress and growth as they explore the world of Doodle.

My role in this project was to be the interface designer for the dashboard application. The dashboard used by the parents not only shows the child's progress in the curriculum, the status of the class activities they are participating in, but also an analysis report of the child's current four skills. The version for teachers added controls related to curriculum management and classroom management.

School of Fish

Role - UX, UI
Year - 2017

Schematic - Dashboard for parents
  • Dashboard app for parents

Bondlinc is a mobile trading platform designed to replace the traditional bond trading process for private banking clients and to improve the efficiency of communication between clients, bond managers and bond traders. The platform includes a client-side mobile application that allows users to access curated news and bond research and use analytical tools to make trading decisions with their managers, while seamlessly integrating a workstation on the trading side with features such as tracking orders, managing and trading client bond price requests and user analytics to support effective order management and provide client insights.

The main challenge in creating this product was to accommodate the needs and expectations of clients, managers and traders, provide a consistent user experience across platforms and devices, and at the same time design an intuitive and efficient trading process that minimizes user steps and errors to maximize the efficiency of trading bonds.


Role - UX, UI
Year - 2016

Schematic - Bondlinc screens
  • Some functional pages in the client's mobile application

Schematic - Various functions in the virtual dressing room
  • Various functions in the virtual fitting room

Schematic - Dashboard for teachers
  • Dashboard app for teachers

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