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I'm Kung Ying, a seasoned UI/UX designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. With extensive design experience, I bring a unique blend of creativity, attention to detail, empathy, and teamwork to every project. I firmly believe that communication and collaboration are the pillars of successful design, making me a valuable asset in any team.

In my most recent role, I led product design at a startup. There, I had the opportunity to shape the platform from the ground up, handling interface design and marketing visuals. This challenging role allowed me to define the brand identity, enhance the user experience, and iteratively identify and solve problems through the design process. Prior to this, I also worked as a Lead Designer at a business incubator where I managed a diverse design team and led the planning and design of a number of cross-industry products, including virtual fitting room, crypto currency exchange, bond trading system, and children's education app.

These experiences have not only sharpened my problem-solving and teamwork skills, but also taught me how to strike a balance between user experience and cost-effectiveness while maintaining aesthetic elegance and consistency. To me, a designer is not only a bridge between the product and the user, but also a storyteller who tells a compelling story about the product and service.

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Let's tell a story together.

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